Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Macke

Dr. Eugen Macke


Professor Doctor of engineering (Technical university), civil engineering

Founder and managing partner

Diploma at Technical University of Brunswick
Research assistant at Leichtweiß-Institut, TU Brunswick
independent engineering office Dr.-Ing. E. Macke
seit 1988
Managing director of W.A.S. Wasser-Abwasser-Systemtechnik GmbH
seit 1992
Lecturer at TU Brunswick
seit 1996
Managing director at engineering office Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Macke mbH
seit 1996
Managing director at EWR Bauträgergesellschaft mbH
Appointment as Professor at TU Brunswick
  • responsible for HOAI Phases § 15, § 31 and § 55 range of services at engineering company Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Macke mbH,
  • surveyor of industrial constructions,
  • question of water quality, modeling of dirt load,
  • measurement technology in hydraulic engineering, precipitation-modeling, sewage master plans,
  • Lectureship at TU Brunswick in the fields of urban hydrology,
  • appraisal activities in the fields of hydraulic engingeering, international hydraulic activities in Gambia, Liberia und Brazil,
  • development of measurement technology for waste water and hydrology,
  • Testing Laboratory Manager as per § 5 SüwV-kom, North Rhine-Westphalia (W.A.S. mbH),
  • complete processing of construction projects in the fields of single-family-houses, licensed as per § 34 MABV (EWR Bauträgergesellschaft mbH)